Why do I think the Rapture may be close?

Lately I’ve been feeling like the Rapture is getting really close and I wanted to list the reasons why.

Ezekiel 38 is alliance is coming together with the countries of Russia, Turkey and Iran forming an alliance. 

There was a dedication of an altar in Jerusalem the other day.

A red heifer was born the other day.

Just look around at the moral decay in the world.

Research has uncovered that the Jewish temple was probably not on the Temple Mount where the Muslim holy site is.  It’s now thought that the Jewish temple was probably in the city of David.

Pope Francis is advocating one world religion

Russia is close to giving Syrian troops control of the air defense system in Syria.

“Despite a tacit agreement not to meddle in Israeli operations against Iranian or Hezbollah targets, it is not far-fetched to imagine a scenario in which Russia changes its minds and allows Syrian troops to man the advanced air defense systems. According to Amidror, it is only a matter of time before the Russians hand over control of the systems to the Syrians.”

Ezekiel 38 talks of a time when Russia and “many others” come against Israel.  God, however, intervenes for Israel.  See Ezekiel 38:18Gog is Russia.



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