comments from 5.7.20

Brainstorm thoughts for who/what could be the main players in the tribulation

the antichrist or false prophet may be a woman

lady gaga / katy perry dark horse /hillsong- illuminati- music about feelings and not truth

illuminati pyramid represents “cornerstone of God” / shape of pyramid the earth light shines down /gold is like glass / research illuminati

apple may be organization steve jobs / bill gates / Nancy peloski / elon musk space x / pope / un /

mark of the beast possibly inward mark not outward mark signifying believing in the ideology

plandemic reddit / research plandemic

waive mortgages pd for 6 months must submit personL info / tax info can’t give out info irs / do they own house then?

david mentioned islam may be false prophet. see chrislam on website post

red flags -no single source of truth / false religions-prespreterian don’t believe total bible is true / their source of truth is anaylyziong scrolls / sabbaterians holds jewish traditions but beleve in jesus death / look up scripture on don’t sweat small stuff / net neutrality / research if you are in a false religion could you still be saved?