The Pope calls for unity, says division is the work of the devil

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Pope video Fulfills Prophecy

Divisive issues will be addressed by “consensus discernment” according to the Unity Statement by the WCC.  I wonder what “consensus discernment” means?  Sounds like the member body will do some kind of voting to see if they are in agreement that the “issue” or churches that don’t agree with the unity statement is divisive or not.

Reflecting the mind of the Vatican

Below is the World Council of Churches (WCC) mission statement:

The Constitution of the WCC is clear about the goal of the WCC: “The primary purpose of the fellowship of churches in the World Council of Churches is to call one another to visible unity in one faith and in one eucharistic fellowship, expressed in worship and common life in Christ, through witness and service to the world, and to advance toward that unity in order that the world may believe.”

Ecumenism has a strong eschatological dimension, anticipating the reign of God who created all life and one human family, reconciled us in Christ and sustains and guides us on our way through the power of Holy Spirit. It opens this wide horizon of justice and peace for all.

Unity Statement from the WCC

#4 We grieve that there are also painful experiences of situations where diversity has turned into division and we do not always recognise the face of Christ in each other. We cannot all gather together around the Table in Eucharistic communion. Divisive issues remain. New issues bring sharp challenges which create new divisions within and between churches. These must be addressed in the fellowship of churches by the way of consensus discernment.

scripture that is referenced for the definition of Unity comes from Ephesians 1.

what’s wrong with unity of churches?

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