Security Council: Daniel 7

The ongoing debate about Security Council reform has mainly focused on the expansion of membership of the Council. The rationale for membership expansion is to include emerging powers on the Council, but new single state members could exacerbate regional competition rather than collaboration. This section aims to examine an alternative model for Council reform that would give permanent seats to regional organizations or blocs rather than individual countries. This could make the Council more representative without having to enlarge the Council too much. Additionally, regional secretariats in New York could provide support for smaller countries that are serving on the Council and would normally have a small team with fewer experts on the large number of issues before the council.

Proponents of regional representation, like Italy, see the European Union as the first potential candidate for a regional seat on the Council seat representing the interests of a large number of states. However, opponents argue that the UN Charter does not recognize regional organizations as eligible for membership in the UN.  This argument could block the EU from becoming the first regional member of the Security Council..

Below there are documents and articles that discuss the possibility of regional representation as the solution for Council reform. Statements can be found separately sorted by year or by country.

The 5 Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council are China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States

The current 5 Non Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council are represented in 5 Regions of : 1.Western European and Others Group (WEAG), 2. Latin American and Caribbean Group (GRULAC), 3. Eastern European Group (EEG), 4. Asia-Pacific Group, and 5. African Group

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