New US embassey in Jerusalem

I was thinking the other day about the new embassy in Jerusalem.  US President Trump wants to move the embassy in May to commemorate the rebirth of Israel as a nation.

In May it will be  70 years since Israel became a nation.  In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us that a generation won’t pass away before “all these things will come to pass”.  One of these things is the nation of Israel coming back together again.  7 is a number of completion in God’s eyes.  At least the number 7 has high significance in the Bible.  Just wondering if this event is significant at all in the end times.  Any ideas?

If the rapture happened sometime during this event in May then the tribulation will begin soon after.  If this does happen then it will be 77 years since the rebirth of Israel as a nation that Jesus comes back at the second coming to establish his eternal kingdom.


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