Bill Gates “recognizes” Israel’s innovation promise

Bill Gates said about Israel, “Israel is by many measures the country, relevant to its population, that’s done most to contribute to the technology revolution.”

Bill Gates said something about Israel that will make the Israel boycotters furious

Bill Gates is interested in Israel’s R&D and innovation in the area of green:

Bill Gates plan to collaborate with Israel on ‘climate change innovation’

When Bill Gates met with Naftali Bennett on the sidelines of COP26 to discuss climate change he ignored Israel’s systematic and purposeful destruction of the Palestinian environment.

The day following Bennett’s speech, Gates met with the Israeli Prime Minister on the sidelines of COP26 to discuss the establishment of a “working group” to study potential cooperation “between the State of Israel and the Gates Foundation in the area of climate change innovation,” the Times of Israel newspaper reported.

Israel to establish climate change working group with Bill Gates foundation

Bennett said that Israel is cooperating with many of its neighbors on climate-related issues, particularly in the field of water scarcity.

Gates told the premier that “my big belief is that we can solve climate change if we accelerate innovation.”

“That’s really what Israel is known for, but not so much in the climate space,” Gates said. The key, he said, will be “understanding where are the brilliant people in Israel who are thinking about these new techniques.”


The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) released a statement saying that the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), which also had secured Harvard funding, will not go ahead as planned in June.

These items in the news interest me because of the scripture:

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