About Me

Hi I’m Cheryl!!
I’m originally from Kentucky but I’ve lived in Texas, Ohio and now Florida, just 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico.
Living so close to the coast means quick access to one of my favorite foods.. seafood!  Seafood and grilling make a great combination and the aroma of seafood or anything on the grill as long as it’s cooking up with green pepper, onion and a real butter marinade is like a little bit of heaven.

One of the characteristics that God has given me is the excitement i feel when I meet new people.  The experience of meeting and interacting with folks from around the world or just local folks from right around where I live are moments that I treasure.

The outdoors is where it is for me and most weekends you’ll find me fishing, camping, heading to the beach for some night time relaxation or working on my 3 country acres.

Traveling is great and some of my favorite places in the US are Cape Cod, Cumberland Island and especially Grayson Highlands in Virginia to camp and watch the wild ponies roam free.

Music is an important part of my life.  Whether it’s dance music; I love to dance or jazz music; my favorite to relax and unwind to, I have music on most of my day.  If I’m outside, cooking, dancing or just hanging around the house I love listening to music.

Come, let’s meet each other!!  If you want to interact a bit or just relax and read, we will end up sharing just a bit of time together on this life’s journey and we’ll possibly end up smiling just a little bit more and meet each other in heaven one day…